B-2-B Projects

Getting stronger together

Getting stronger together

For the German market AlphaScience offers a strategic alliance for many international companies. In the challenging Biotech, Health Care and Life Science markets each single advantage against the competition is more and more important for the survival of a company. At AlphaScience, we are actively committed to bringing with our worldwide partners new Diagnostics and Life Science innovations to our international customers.

Strategic Alliances

AlphaScience is always looking to keep the product and service range updated and attractive for our customers. For the German and Austrian market we are exclusive partner for a broad number of leading international diagnostic manufacturers. In addition we offer for international markets co-operations and products under AlphaScience brand or OEM in the areas of research and sales for new diagnostic products in the markets of infectious disease, coagulation, clinical-chemistry and research (PCR). Joint operation with a group of leading medical laboratories in Germany proofs quality and functionality of our products under routine conditions every day.
We are always seeking for new suppliers, distributors and co-operations for our international business. Due to country specific regulatory (like FDA), unfortunately not all AlphaScience products are available for each single country.

We are actively looking for:

1) in-licensing innovative opportunities
(together with our worldwide partners),

2) partnering with leading research academic groups,

3) discussing for potential partnerships with spin-offs from your institute,

4) discussing with our worldwide partners for potential investment into your spin offs
(if these spin offs are active fitting in our strategic focus).

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Don t hesitate to contact us to find new partnerships and co-operations at: info(at)AlphaScience.de
We would appreciate if you could share with us any (non confidential only) information related to your innovations.
We try to keep short timelines for giving feedbacks in the most diligent manner possible for each case.