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AlphaScience was founded in 2004 with the aim of supporting smaller companies and start-ups entering the German market. This approach "We not only advise but also establish contacts with key customers and generate first sales" is based on the long-term experience of all employees in the field of Diagnostics.

Another area is the specialization in niche parameters.
Here, AlphaScience has gained good reputation over the years as we are able to also provide special parameters in smaller quantities to meet specials customers’ needs.

In 2010, AlphaScience took over responsibility as Sales Partner of two major German companies and grew to today's size with 10 employees including Sales Force.

The experience in various business areas such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and direct customer contact with our Sales Force is a solid basis for customer orientation and company success.

AlphaScience provides high-quality CE-marked test systems for the detection of various diseases and is working with its partner companies on the continuous expansion and improvement of these diagnostic detection methods.

All our partner companies are certified according to ISO and GMP and maintain their own quality assurance systems.

We extend our reach beyond world class laboratory test systems, instruments and service by partnering with researchers and educators to advance the science and knowledge of life care.

Through regular contact with the users we constantly check the quality of our products and help with special parameters upon customer request.

Quick integration into the laboratory routine as well as easy use of our tests are part of our aim to always ensure an optimal mix of price, innovation, quality, and service.

We are constantly in the pursuit of better patient care and understand that speed is critical - because life cannot wait.