Team & Location

Power of Our Knowledge

Experience is the “Power of Our Knowledge”

We set up for every client a highly qualified and individual team, which is optimal for resolving the respective project. With AlphaScience you have someone more to check your thinking to confirm you have not missed an issue or misread a situation. This all results in an overall high customer satisfaction, due to expert advice and maximum service by our employees and external consultants, and in high acceptance and success of the products distributed by AlphaScience.

All our knowledge for your benefit

Mobilizing the power of teaming to deliver consistently exceptional service to our clients - anywhere - at any time - in any project.
AlphaScience GmbH collaborates closely with a number of external experts, depending on the task and project necessities involved. AlphaScience has developed a network of professionals consisting of:
Scientists specializing in creating and translating demanding scientific literature.

Opinion leaders from academia and industry, working in coaching, advisory and devil s advocate functions. They bridge the gap between the scientifically feasible and the market need. Their specific knowledge supports the marketing strategies for national and international markets.

Experts for lecturing, end user training, and employee coaching complement the core competencies of AlphaScience GmbH.

The Marketing Team is exclusively comprised of experienced professionals. All of them gained their competence through education and work experience and have been chosen in view of the specific tasks set by our customers and distribution partners.

The Product Management comes from the life sciences and has several years of marketing experience.
The Field Project Advisors have a similar education. Constant training and further education ensures the highest possible level of expertise in their relevant fields.

Technical Service on high Quality Level:
Zero errors is the quality target of our well experienced external service technicians for all concerns. The minimum benchmark are internationally very high standards. High-quality work is deeply anchored in our Service-Partners corporate culture and is practiced day by day.